The figure of the Sports Advisor has acquired over the years a very important role in the world of football, carrying out for footballers and football clubs a variety of activities aimed at continuous advice and assistance on all aspects of sports contracts.

The sport advisor, as well as being the "official voice" and the representative of the interests of the player, acts as a consultant between one or more clubs in the conclusion of a negotiation, discovers new talents to launch in professional leagues and offers professional solutions in order to establish and strengthen relationships with various football clubs all over the world.

Our team, operating at national and international level, is composed of sports Advisors and professionals can assess, assist and direct the athletes in the best solution to take.

We carry out for football players and football clubs many activities to consultancy, management and care of every aspect of the contract and the successful conclusion of sports business.

Services for soccer players

Services for soccer clubs

Marketing & Sponsorships

We believe that marketing and promotion are key elements to ensure an economic stability for a football Club, therefore we support them providing consulting services to improve their effectiveness, we implement marketing plans, we think activities to increase the fans' loyalty, we manage image rights and we research sponsorship and partners around the world.

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